The death of the theater artist Al-Mawsili Issam Al-Qaisi

Mosul - ALsharqiya, November 14: The artistic and cultural circles in Iraq mourned the veteran theater director and artist Al-Mosali, Issam Abdel-Rahman Al-Qaisi, who was 77 years old and one of the most important founders of modern theater and television production in Mosul.

Al-Qaisi was born in Mosul in 1943 and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad in 1967, and after the opening of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Mosul, he gave lectures and trained students there and founded the University of Mosul troupe that supported the Iraqi theater movement. Al-Qaisi loved acting and worked in television and theater. His first plays were in Directing is a doctor by force, and after that, theatrical works came to him, which reached nearly (50) plays, acting and directing.


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