The death toll from the Corona virus in China has risen to 1770

Beijing, ALsharqiya February 17: The death toll from the emerging coronavirus in China rose to two thousand seven hundred and seventy two, after the death of one hundred and five infected people, according to the Chinese National Health Committee. The number of infections reached more than seventy thousand five hundred people in all parts of China, most of them in Hubei Province, the center of the spread of the virus, which recorded Monday, two thousand infections. And the Chinese authorities subjected about 56 million people in Hubei and its capital, Wuhan, to quarantine, as the province was virtually isolated from other Chinese regions, while new infections outside the epidemic spread center recorded a remarkable decline in the past thirty days.


Corona virus infection in Iraq has accelerated in a way that warns of widespread epidemic, after 416 new cases were recorded.

Doctors of the internal medicine department in Yarmouk Hospital expressed surprise at the opening of a corridor for isolating Corona patients on the second floor where cancer patients are lying.

Corona virus infection in Iraq has increased exponentially during the past period, with the easing of the embargo measures