The Electoral Commission sets Wednesday as the date for the start of the counting and manual counting

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, October 25: The Electoral Commission in Iraq has set next Wednesday, October 27, as the date to start the procedures for manual counting and sorting of stations contested by the results of the recent legislative elections.
 The commission said that it will start the first stages of the manual counting and sorting process in 70 stations in Nineveh Governorate, Wednesday, from eight in the morning until five in the afternoon, in the presence of political party agents, candidates, observers and the media.
 The Commission had announced the response of 790 appeals out of 816 electoral appeals.
 And she confirmed that she had accepted 26 appeals, which she said were supported by evidence and documents, as the counting and manual counting operations would take place in about three hundred electoral stations in Salah al-Din, Baghdad, Basra and other provinces, under the supervision of the observers of political entities and their authorized persons.


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