The fact that Mohamed Salah received an offer from Real Madrid

Madrid-ALsharqiya May 20: Egyptian international agent Mohamed Salah, Liverpool star, commented on the news that has been circulated recently. Rami Abbas, Mohamed Salah's agent, said in a tweet via his Twitter account, saying, Mohamed Salah did not discuss with any of his former coaches about his future. Thus, Abbas denies what the former coach of Egypt, Hani Ramzy, said about Mohamed Salah receiving an offer from Real Madrid. At the same time, however, Rami Abbas did not confirm or deny the existence of the offer previously, as he did not address the matter. The former coach of Egypt's national team, Hani Ramzy, said in television statements that Salah told him that he had received an offer from Real Madrid, and was discussing with him about his future, highlighting the depth of their relationship. He explained: The Egyptian team was in Switzerland, to play a friendly match during the term of (Argentine coach) Hector Cuper, and I was there then and spoke to Salah (about his future). Previous press reports linked Salah Real Madrid, especially after the Egyptian international starred in the ranks of the Reds, both locally and Europeanly.


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