The families of the martyr Al-Wazni: We demand the government to reveal the killers within 24 hours

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, May 11: The relatives of the martyr Ihab Al-Wazni demanded via Al-Sharqiya News that the killers of the martyr Al-Wazni be revealed within 24 hours. The mother of the martyr, Ihab Al-Wazzani, recounted the first horrific moments of her son's assassination in front of his house, and said that five bullets landed in his body, and that he was not immediately taken to the hospital for about half an hour under the pretext that there was no officer. The mother of the martyr Al-Wazzani said that the gunmen threatened to kill a resident of the neighboring house before they opened fire and fled, calling for the killers to be immediately identified and the rights of the martyr guaranteed.


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