The head of the Mosul Family Council, Qutayba al-Agha: We call for the return of Christians to their city

Mosul-ALsharqiya, March 7: The head of the Mosul Family and Families Council, Qutaiba Al-Agha, called on Christians to return to the city. Al-Agha said in a speech to the Pope at the Hosh Al-Baya Church in the center of the old city that Christians are an integral part of Mosul, its culture and history. For his part, His Holiness Pope Francis welcomed the invitation of the President of the Council of Families and Families of Mosul, Qutayba Al-Agha, to Mosul and said that the tragic decrease in the number of Christians in Mosul and the Middle East in general is a serious harm, noting that the fabric rich in diversity is losing its value by losing one of its components.


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