The High Elections Commission sets 5 conditions for the entitlement procedure

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, September 15: The Electoral Commission in Iraq set the implementation of five conditions, in order to be ready to hold the elections on the sixth of June for the year two thousand and twenty-one, and declared its full commitment to what was stated in the recommendations of the Supreme Reference, Ali al-Sistani.

The Election Commission announced in a statement that holding early elections depends on the House of Representatives completing the election law as soon as possible, and publishing it in the Official Gazette, because it represents the legal framework for the election process.

 It also requires the completion of the legislation of the Federal Court law, as it is the only body legally authorized to certify the election results.

 The Elections Commission called on the government to prepare the electoral budget and to provide the requirements it had previously requested from the relevant ministries, and whose presence would help the commission to conduct the elections on time.

The Commission also requested the Council of Ministers to approve the appointment of the General Directors who were chosen by the Board of Commissioners.


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