The Iraqi judiciary: We call on the presidencies to avoid the vacuum of the Federal Court

Baghdad-Al-Sharqiya, September 21: The Iraqi Judicial Council issued a statement, the second in two days, about the constitutional vacuum created by the Federal Court after it revoked the authority of the Supreme Judicial Council to nominate a president and members for the court.

 The council said in a statement that the Iraqi Judicial Association, the judicial association that represents judges in union and supports its independence, met and called on the three presidencies to work to avoid a vacuum in the Federal Supreme Court.

 The statement stated that the Federal Court should be far from personal or political whims and interests, and warned of the need to exclude the judiciary and its constitutional texts from personalization because the constitution and the judiciary are greater and superior to any names and persons.

 The Iraqi Judicial Association called on the President of the Republic to work in order to get out of the negative effects generated by the decisions of the Federal Court.

It also called on the Prime Minister to put this among the priorities of his duties.

 The Assembly called on the House of Representatives, presidency and members, to shoulder their historical responsibility to avoid this constitutional vacuum and to expedite the approval of the amendment to the Federal Court Act.

She said that he only needs a simple majority according to the text of Article 50 of the Constitution, because the court law stipulated in Article 92 of the Constitution could not be approved due to its need for a two-thirds majority of the council members.


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