The Iraqi Ministry of Health prohibits its departments and all cells from the crisis by reporting the number of HIV infections

Baghdad-ALSharqiya June 3: The Iraqi Ministry of Health prevented its departments in Baghdad, the governorates, and all crisis cells across the country by declaring the number of Corona virus infections. According to a document issued by the Ministry of Health and signed by Minister Hassan al-Tamimi, it is strictly forbidden to report to various media outlets. On the number of cases and the level of prevalence of the Corona pandemic, only the prospectus issued by the Ministry is approved.


The Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq has announced that the investigative body for the assassination case in Baghdad will be headed by Judge Hossam Abdul Karim

Former Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa Al-Araji confirmed the impossibility of holding early elections in Iraq

The joint military and security units in Anbar have announced their completion of combing desert operations