The Iraqi parliament calls on the government to send a draft 2020 budget bill by June 30

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, June 3: The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted on a resolution calling on the government to send a draft budget for 2020 no later than June 30. A statement to the Presidency of the Parliament said that Parliament Speaker Mohamed Al-Halbousi instructed to address the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for the purpose of sending the Budget Law for 2020. On behalf of the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of explaining the reasons for delaying the distribution of salaries of retirees who have been referred to retirement recently.


The Iraqi Finance Ministry announced on Friday the launch of private financing for the salaries of the month of June

The Central Bank of Iraq announced the reduction of the interest rate on small and medium loans to 4%

The Iraqi Oil Minister, Ihsan Abdul Jabbar, announced the possibility of exporting black oil to Lebanon without the mediator’s intervention, in order for the parties to benefit