The Iraqi Prime Minister: There are those who take advantage of the crises for themselves

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   March 2: Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi again warned of the presence of parties trying to obstruct the work of his government, taking advantage of the crises the country is going through.
Al-Kazemi directed during the cabinet session Tuesday, he instructed members of his government not to repeat the mistakes of previous governments in dealing with the strategic files in the country and to move away from the bureaucracy in dealing with the basic issues that lead to disrupting the provision of services and the completion of projects
Al-Kazemi said that the government succeeded in preventing the collapse of the country economically and financially and contributed to continuing to pay salaries regularly after there were those who were betting on the collapse of the situation.

The Prime Minister asserted that the cash reserves have been vigorously promoted after accusations by the current government that it will bankrupt the reserve ... and said that the infamous currency auction has reduced its corruption and has become a thing of the past


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