The Israeli occupation cancels internationally supported cultural performances in Jerusalem

Palestine-Alsharqiya October 27: The Israeli authorities canceled cultural performances on Tuesday at a French guest house in occupied Jerusalem from the eastern side, noting that they were funded by the Palestinian Authority and without its permission, as identical sources told AFP today, Wednesday. .
A group of Palestinian cultural institutions, including the National Theatre, the National Institute, the Mobile Theater Caravan, and the Silwan Sports Club, were supposed to organize performances over three days, with the support of the United Nations, Finland and Austria.
A diplomatic source confirmed to "AFP" that policemen in civilian clothes, and in an unofficial car, stormed the place of the event, shortly after the start of the events.
The director of the Ibrahim Hospitality House, Bernard Thibault, told AFP that the children's shows had already started on Tuesday, before the Israeli police arrived and ordered their cancellation.
The closing order, signed by Israeli Minister of Internal Security Omer Bar-Lev, stated that the performances are being held "with the sponsorship and funding of the Palestinian Authority, without written permission." "I was ordered not to hold the event," he added.
The organizers of the shows denied this, as Thibault confirmed that the "French Catholic Relief Agency" runs the guest house, which is under the protection of the French Consulate in Jerusalem. He added that he was "shocked and ashamed" of the cancellation.
According to him, the aim of the performances is to "bring a little fun and enjoyment to the children and adults who suffer from a lot of poverty and violence in the surrounding areas".
He considered that "the police stopping these cultural events is nothing but a reason for more violence in the region."
Israel occupied the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, in 1967, and later annexed it in a move not recognized by the international community. The occupation authorities prohibit any sovereign activity of the Palestinian Authority in East Jerusalem.
On whether the cultural event was supported by the Palestinian Authority, the directors of the Palestinian organizations denied funding the event by the Palestinian Authority.
Bar-Lev did not immediately respond to AFP's questions.
Located in the Silwan neighborhood south of the Old City in East Jerusalem, the Abraham Hospitality House has partnered with two local institutions in the town where hundreds of residents are at risk of eviction in favor of settler associations claiming ownership of the land there.
The ban on cultural events comes days after the occupation authorities included six prominent Palestinian civil society organizations on the list of "terrorism", an accusation these groups deny, and which received Palestinian and international condemnation.
The "House of Abraham" is under French protection, as is the case of St. Anne's Church in the old town, and the archaeological site of the sultans' tombs.
Diplomatic sources confirmed that the French Foreign Ministry had informed Paris of the incident on Tuesday.


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