The killing of a Saudi in the jaws of a lion

Riyadh-ALSHARQIYA   April  16 : A Saudi died, Thursday, of wounds sustained as a result of being attacked by a lion that was raising him in the Saudi capital, according to local media.
After receiving a report of the accident, the security authorities managed to extricate the victim from the jaws of the lion that he was raising in the Al-Selay neighborhood in the capital, according to the newspaper "Sabq".
The victim died of his wounds, and the newspaper said that the accident highlights the importance of caution when dealing with predators and the danger of dealing with them.


The relatives of the martyr Ihab Al-Wazni demanded via Al-Sharqiya News to reveal the killers of the martyr Al-Wazni within 24 hours

The Dutch diplomatic mission in Iraq condemned in the strongest terms the brutal killing of the activist Ihab Al-Wazni

The British ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Hickey, said that attacks targeting activists in Iraq are unacceptable