The Kurdistan Prosecutor Presidency calls on Baghdad to take action and arrest all those accused of the Sheilan family massacre

 Kurdistan-ALSHARQIYA   September  18 : The Public Prosecution office in the Kurdistan region entered the line of the horrific crime against the family of the pharmacist Shilan in Baghdad and said that the federal authorities must move quickly to arrest all those accused of the massacre that shook public opinion in Iraq and the region
 The Presidency of Public Prosecution in Kurdistan said in a statement that the tragedy suffered by an Iraqi Kurdish family in Baghdad is considered a terrorist and immoral crime after the victims were killed and their corpses mutilated by human wolves who committed their heinous act by all standards.
 The statement of the Presidency of the Public Prosecution in Kurdistan called on the judicial authorities in Baghdad to take all legal measures and arrest all those accused of the crime, to speed up the completion of the investigation and bring them to trial so that they receive their fair penalty.


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