The Kurdistan Regional Security Directorate foils a plot to target foreign missions

Erbil-ALsharqiya, October 26: The Kurdistan Region Security Directorate thwarted a plot it described as Al-Kabir to target foreign missions and assassinate government officials, over the course of a manhunt that lasted more than a year.

A statement by the Asayish stated that the security forces carried out operations against security threats in the region and revealed two groups, the first belonging to the PKK, which numbered 12 members, including Syrians, while the second and third consisted of 15 Iraqis, adding that the police and security forces had arrested a number of people, after detailed and lengthy investigations They are affirming that they seek more assistance from international law enforcement partners through the International Criminal Police Organization, and the Security Directorate statement indicated that these groups were trying to launch attacks on consulates and companies and kill a governor of the region’s governorates.


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