The lost "India" tiger is found in Houston, USA

United States-ALSHARQIYA May 17: The Houston Police Department reported that a 9-month-old tiger was found, after it was seen in a park in Houston, Texas.
The tiger, called "India" (INDIA), was first seen wandering around a neighborhood of Houston last Sunday, wearing a collar and wandering outside a house, as many videos taken by residents showed the tiger approaching face to face with the deputy mayor of Waller County, He is out of service and lives in the neighborhood, the Associated Press reported.
The police attorney said he was alerted about the tiger on "Nextdoor", a neighborhood social media app.

Ron Burza, of the Houston Police Department, said that "when the police responded to the reports about wild animals, the owner of the tiger put the tiger in a white SUV and drove off". Victor Hugo Cuevas, 26, was arrested last Monday, on suspicion. In committing the crime of evading arrest, while his lawyer insisted that his client was not the owner of the tiger, and that Cuevas was concerned about the safety of the animal, according to the agency
It should be noted that tigers are not allowed to be kept in the home of tigers in Houston, but they are legal in surrounding Harris County, if they are properly registered under a strict set of rules and safety guidelines, including keeping an amount of $ 100,000 in the Animal Insurance Center, and keeping The tiger is at least 1,000 feet from another home

Or from a school or childcare center.
Texas law permits private ownership of tigers and other "dangerous wildlife," but applicants must register with the local sheriff, and follow strict requirements in a tiger cage.


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