The most famous wedding dress in the world is present in the absence of its owner

Britain-AL-SHARQIYA  June 7: For the first time in 25 years, the wedding dress of the late Princess Diana is presented to the public. The exhibition will be held at the famous British Kensington Palace from the 3rd of this month until the 2nd of next January.

This dress is classified as the most famous wedding dress in the world, and was worn by the late Princess Diana during her wedding, to the British Crown Prince Charles, which took place on July 29, 1981.

Signed by designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel, this dress was accompanied by a 7.6-meter train and is considered the longest in the history of the British monarchy.

Crafted from silk taffeta, this gown is adorned with lavish lace that belonged to Queen Mary, grandmother of Prince Charles.

It was embroidered with ten thousand pearls. The presentation of this dress came after the approval of Princes William and Harry, sons of Princess Diana.

"This dress had to be able to go down in history, but it also had to impress Diana and be dramatic enough to fill the wide aisles of Ma Pauls Cathedral where the wedding ceremony took place," said designer Elizabeth Emmanuel.

The exhibition also includes a pink David Sassoon gown that Princess Diana wore later on her wedding day.

It also includes other luxurious and rare designs worn by the ladies of the British royal family, including the coronation dress that the Queen Mother wore in 1937 and a Georgian dress worn by Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth, during a charity ceremony in the mid-sixties of the last century, in addition to a group of costumes and accessories that were associated with different occasions and appear The royal style industry is evolving in the field of elegance.


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