The National Project: Excluding the candidacy of Sultan Hashem's son for political motives

Nineveh-ALsharqiya June 19: The Iraqi national project was surprised by the fact that the Accountability and Justice Commission excluded its candidate from Nineveh Governorate, Khaled Sultan Hashim Ahmed Al-Taei, without referring to any article related to the Commission's law or elections. The Iraqi National Project confirmed that Khaled Sultan Hashem Ahmed Al-Taie was not a member of the Baath Party or the so-called dissolved entities, and he was excluded according to another legal article that has nothing to do with the elections at all, as part of procedures that resulted in the exclusion of a large number of candidates. The statement of the National Project said that its excluded candidate is a victim of the disruption of laws and systematic political interference, stressing his total rejection of the exclusion decision as it is political and is not commensurate with the citizenship rights guaranteed by the constitution and reinforces the policy of injustice and marginalization of a large number of citizens.


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