The National Project: The Electoral Commission commits violations and violates its law

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, June 19: The Electoral Commission in Iraq continued to commit violations and to fall into contradictory procedures that contravene the instructions issued by the Commission itself. The Iraqi National Project revealed that the commission, which prevents the transfer of candidates from one bloc to another, has transferred a candidate from Kirkuk governorate based on a request he submitted a few days ago and allowed his name to be removed from the list of candidates for the national project, and he was transferred to another list in the same governorate without legal basis and in violation express to the Commission's own instructions. The national project revealed that the party that committed this violation is the Candidates Affairs Department at the Commission's headquarters in Baghdad. It is noteworthy that the Electoral Commission, which is subject to political pressures and for special considerations, took contradictory measures that showed a state of chaos prevailing in its work, which raised fears of a repeat of the infamous 2018 elections, in which the largest fraud in the history of elections in the world took place.


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