The Pope prays for the victims of terrorism among the rubble of Mosul

Mosul-ALSHRAIYQ March 7 : His Holiness the Pope raised the prayers for the souls of the martyrs of the victims of terrorism in the "Hosh Allegiance" in Mosul amid the rubble, where the effects of war are still visible despite the passage of nearly four years since the expulsion of ISIS terrorist.
Pope Francis released the dove of peace from the courtyard of the Hosh Al-Baya Church in the city of Mosul, amid a large ceremony witnessed by the church.
This station of the visit is of great importance, especially since Nineveh Governorate and its center, Mosul, is the center of the Christian community in Iraq, and its ancient churches and monasteries have suffered great damage at the hands of the organization. The Supreme Pontiff affirmed that in Mosul there are evidences drawing closer to the Lord, namely the Al-Hadba lighthouse, the Al-Nuri Mosque and the Church of the Hour

Pope Francis said in a speech from "Hosh Allegiance" that it is through love and peace that the city of Mosul can be rebuilt away from selfish interests.
   The Pope stressed that there is a real chance for reconciliation in Iraq through going beyond religious affiliations to live in peace and harmony.
"This tragic decrease in the number of Christians in Iraq and in the Middle East is a grave harm to society and weakens the diverse fabric of society by losing any of its members," the Pope said from the devastating "Hosh Allegiance" in Mosul.


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