The prominent Iraqi writer Hassan al-Nawab tells the scenes of the demonstrations that prevailed in Baghdad

BAGHDAD-ALSHARQIYAOct 23:Leading Iraqi writer Hassan al-Nawab recounted the scenes of demonstrations in Baghdad in early October, in which he recounted the organization of demonstrators in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad. Through an investigation published in Al-Zaman newspaper, the writer Hassan al-Nawab reviewed what he experienced personally. The lawmakers added that the young protesters' ages and their stylish clothes, as if they were students on a school trip, were noteworthy, but this regularity was met by large security crowds far exceeding the number of demonstrators, which are heavily armed with weapons and batons accompanied by military vehicles and other vehicles carrying water. He also pointed out that the scene quickly changed until the situation escalated and the sound of live fire intensified and evolved into the use of quartets to disperse the demonstrations, the sky filled with black smoke and demonstrators fleeing with panic towards the Victory Square and the riot police chased them. The demonstrations in Baghdad, and how the cries of the demonstrators were exalted complaining of the cruelty of power.


Dozens went out in Dhi Qar with popular protests against the deterioration of electricity and water and the lack of medical staff working in the field of treating people affected by the epidemic of corona

Protesters over the deterioration of electrical energy, east of Baghdad, stormed the Al-Amin power plant

Dozens demonstrated in Karbala in front of the door of the diesel station in East Karbala to produce electricity