The Supreme Pontiff prays for the souls of the war victims in Hosh al-Baya Square

Mosul-ALsharqiya, March 7: The Supreme Pontiff in the devastated city presided over a prayer for the souls of the war victims in Hosh Al-Baya Square, where the effects of the war are still visible, despite the passage of nearly four years since the organization was expelled. Pope Francis released the peace baths from the yard of the Hosh Al-Baya Church in the city of Mosul, in the midst of a large ceremony witnessed by the church. This station of the visit is of great importance, especially since Nineveh Governorate and its capital, Mosul, is the center of the Christian community in Iraq, and its ancient churches and monasteries have suffered great damage at the hands of the organization. His Holiness the Pope flew by helicopter from Erbil to Mosul, where the number of Christians now only exceeds a few dozen families after ISIS took control of them.


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