The Syrian Artists Syndicate denies the death of Sabah Fakhri

Syria-ALSHARQIYA   September 27: The Syndicate of Artists in Syria denied the news of the death of the great artist Sabah Fakhri, whose departure today was promoted by pages on social media.

The Syndicate confirmed in a statement published on "Facebook" that the icon of the Arab Tarab is fine and there is no truth to the rumors of his death, after communicating with him by phone.

And the official Syrian media had previously denied a similar news about the health of the great artist four years ago.

It is noteworthy that the artist Sabah Fakhri was born in Aleppo in 1933 and was awarded the Syrian Order of Merit of the Excellent Class in 2007 in recognition of his great and distinguished achievements in the service of authentic Syrian Arab art.

Sabah Fakhri held several positions, as he was elected captain of artists, vice president of the Union of Arab Artists, and director of the Syrian Song Festival.

Fakhri broke the record for singing when he sang in Caracas, Venezuela, for 10 hours without interruption in 1968.


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