The Tunisian judiciary opens an investigation into 3 parties, including Ennahda

Tunis-ALSHARQIYA   July  28 : The Tunisian judiciary announced the opening of an investigation into 3 parties, including the Ennahda Movement, for receiving foreign funds during the elections.

A spokesman for the Economic and Financial Judicial Office in Tunisia, Mohsen El-Dali, said that the investigation will include Ennahda, Qalb Tounes, and Aish Tounsi, and that the investigative judges will take precautionary measures against those they see as responsible for charges related to foreign financing of electoral campaigns and funds of unknown origin.

This comes after the decisions taken by President Qais Saeed, the latest of which was on Tuesday, to terminate the duties of the Director of the Prime Minister's Office, the Secretary-General of the Government and a number of officials.


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