Theft of the "biggest rabbit in the world" from its owner in Britain

Britain-ALSHARQIYA   April  13 : British police said that a rabbit declared that he was "the largest in the world" had been stolen from his owner’s home in Worcestershire.
Police believe that the rabbit, who is 129 cm long, named Darius, was taken from a barn in the house garden in the "Stolton" area last Saturday night.
The rabbit got its title from the Guinness Book of Records in 2010 for being the largest of its kind.
Its owner, Annette Edwards, offered a reward of 1,000 pounds for his return, saying it was a "very sad day," according to the British newspaper, The Guardian.
"Please bring him back," Edwards told those who took Darius. "He is too old to multiply now."
The police appealed to the people for help, and asked those with any information about Darius to call their stations.


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