This is how Giorgio Armani celebrated the 40th birthday of his spoiled child

Italia-ALSHARQIYA September 26: 40 years ago, designer Giorgio Armani launched his youth line under the name Emporio Armani. And he decided to celebrate the anniversary of this occasion in his last show, which he presented within the activities of Milan Fashion Week, so what message did this show carry?

Veteran Italian designer Giorgio Armani launched his youth line Emporio Armani in 1981. Over the years, this line has turned into a social phenomenon that has achieved great success. Armani considers that what delights him in this field is that this line still speaks to the younger generations despite his 40th birthday. As for its persistence, it indicates the success of using fashion as a means of self-expression with simplicity and elegance.

The Emporio Armani show for the upcoming spring and summer included 126 looks that varied between women's and men's fashion. Opened with a set of looks that were executed in denim, Mr. Armani said in this regard: “I launched this line in 1981 after I saw a need among the younger generation for fresh and renewed elegance, and this is what I tried to show them. We started with designs made of denim and then expanded In different directions, while relying on a new democracy and openness, this line of fashion has managed year after year to expand its goals and audience, relying on young people as a state of mind rather than a period of age.”

Armani considers his spoiled line to be a phenomenon and not just a fashion, and this explains the diversity in his collections, especially the latter between work fashion, sports fashion, leisure and evening fashion.

After a group of denim looks that opened the show, designs in which the sporty character was mixed with classic cuts followed. We saw wide pants mixed with shirts or jackets in muted colors, then the designer used a game of transparency and outfits that are worn on top of each other, heading towards the refreshing colors of light blue, aqua green, and lilac. The mood changes in the final part of the show as red enters the scene to mix with green and turquoise.

Giorgio Armani was and still is a pioneer in his field, as he is the first designer who has embraced the idea of ​​launching a low-cost fashion line alongside the luxury fashion line. He is also the first designer to launch a magazine for this line and issue a special issue.


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