Three years in prison for three men for robbing toilet papers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong-Eastern March 12: Last year, 3 men who carried out a burglary in Hong Kong seized hundreds of toilet papers that residents were snatching in the first days of the Corona pandemic, were sentenced to more than 3 years in prison, according to a local newspaper.
The "Mingbao" newspaper in Hong Kong reported that the local judiciary sentenced the three men who carried knives during the operation, which ended with stealing about 600 rolls of toilet paper, to 40 months in prison each.
And in February 2020, with the first cases of Coronavirus recorded in Hong Kong, the demand for toilet paper increased dramatically, which led to their depletion in many stores due to residents' fear of product disruption during the health crisis.

Many have flocked to stores to stock up on basic products and essential foodstuffs.
In light of the inability of shops and "supermarkets" to replenish their stocks quickly enough, long queues formed in front of them even before the opening of their doors. Soon the toilet paper was running out, soon after it was placed on the shelves.
Residents have been bragging about posting photos of toilet paper stocks on social networks.
The perpetrators of the robbery admitted that they used a knife to threaten a delivery driver in front of a large "supermarket" in the popular Mongkok district.

They seized 50 packages of toilet paper rolls, at a market value of $ 1,700 ($ 219), before the police stopped them.
"Mingbao" newspaper reported that the three men confessed to committing the attack, apologized to the driver and returned the stolen items.
However, the judge considered that this crime took place with premeditation and that the perpetrators should be punished with imprisonment, according to the newspaper.


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