TikTok app intends to challenge Trump's executive order

BEIJING -ALsharqiya August 23: TikTok said it intends to file a lawsuit on Monday against US President Donald Trump's executive order that banned the popular short video app and its parent company ByteDance, in confirmation of a previous Reuters report.

Reuters reported exclusively on Friday that TikTok will challenge Trump's executive order on Monday, and the app indicated that he had tried to communicate with the US administration for nearly a year, but faced a lack of due process compliance and added that the government did not care about the facts.

We have no choice but to challenge the executive order through the judicial system, and ByteDance, which owns TikTok, issued a separate statement on Sunday saying it would file a lawsuit against the Trump administration on Monday, August 24, the company said in a statement.

Trump issued an executive order on August 14 granting ByteDance 90 days to sell its TikTok investment in the United States, and US officials have expressed concerns about the possibility of information about app users being passed on to the Chinese government.


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