Trump's social network hacked before its launch

US-ALSHARQIYA October 22: American media reported that hackers were able, hours after former President Donald Trump announced a beta version of the TRUTH Social social networking platform, to hack and deface it.
According to the Washington Post, someone signed up for an account on the demo website and posted a picture of a "pig pooping."
"People can access the yet-to-be-opened social network through a public link," Washington Post reporter Drew Harwell wrote on Twitter.
"Anyone can create an account on Trump's site using a public link... The site hasn't launched yet, but it's already very vulnerable," he added.
Trump and his team recently announced that they will launch TRUTH Social in early 2022, and that beta testing will begin in November.
The team said the platform is part of its efforts to combat big tech companies in Silicon Valley, who have used their unilateral power to silence dissenting voices in America.
It is reported that a group of "hackers" believed to be from Turkey hacked a section of Trump's website and published a Quranic verse and a video of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


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