Tunisian restaurant makes the most expensive pizza in Africa

Tunis-Oriental, March 9: A restaurant in Tunisia specializing in Italian food introduced the most expensive pizza in Africa, with a price of 999 dinars (360 US dollars). The reason for its high price is that it contains edible gold leaf.
Gold also shines on top in the form of golden flakes or drizzled with an edible flower on top of the famous pizza dough.
"We chose to make this pizza so that we could put in place luxurious and high-quality ingredients, and when we did all this, the price went up," Hergal said.
He commented on the criticism about the price on social media, noting that "there are many people who understood this initiative in a different way and say why do you make pizza at this price while you live in a country going through a crisis? This pizza is not for everyone."

It is mostly aimed at people who come from abroad or Tunisians who want to, as there are people who travel to buy expensive food, so we bring it here for them because now they cannot travel due to the Corona situation. "
Hergal confirmed that the demand for this luxurious pizza is still under the roof of his aspirations for the restaurant, which he shares ownership with two of his friends. So they sometimes serve golden pizza as part of an advertisement for super customers.


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