Turkey is causing a mess at a dental clinic

 California-alsharqiya   March 8: Turkey created a mess at a dentist's office in California. After hanging out near the building, he suddenly decided to break into the glass windows and scratch the walls, forcing the workers to contact the Animal Welfare Department after failing to control the situation.
Donna MacDonald, director of a dental clinic located in Fair Oaks, California, said she was spending a normal day and then bumped into the bird breaking into the office through the windows, the New York Post reported.
It appeared that the bird entered the office with such force that MacDonald believed that someone had thrown it into the building. "I thought he had hit a car," she told the Sacramento Bay newspaper.
MacDonald says she found the bird stuck in the patient waiting area, which was fortunately empty at the time.

According to MacDonald, whose trauma was visible on her face, the turkey kept scratching the walls and rotting them, causing great damage.
The dentist's office called the Animal Welfare Department, whose workers eventually took over the turkey and removed it from the office.
One expert believes that the turkey may have seen its reflection in the office window and attacked it. He was apparently part of a larger group preparing for the mating season, "which explains the potentially aggressive behavior."
Regarding the losses caused by the bird in the patient’s waiting room, the newspaper clarified that it will need to repair the walls and re-paint them.
Also, the shattered glass from the turkey breaking into the windows caused it to be strewn on some chairs, which would require a deep cleaning to remove it completely.


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