Two Chinese apps leak data from hundreds of millions of users

China-ALSHARQIYA  November 24: Researchers warned, Tuesday, that two applications developed by the Chinese technology giant Baidu are leaking the data of hundreds of millions of "sensitive" users without their knowledge, making them vulnerable to surveillance and cybercrime, "and perhaps for a lifetime." .
According to Unit 42 of Palo Alto Network, which specializes in cybersecurity, the two applications are Baidu Search Box and Baidu Maps, and they have been downloaded 1.4 billion times worldwide, including six million users in the United States of America alone.

The Google Store deleted the two applications on October 28, and Google thanked the researchers for uncovering the privacy problems related to the two applications, but the Baidu Search Box application returned to the store after updating it, while Baidu Maps was still deleted.
The researchers said that they only checked versions of the two apps on the Google Play Store, but believed that they might cause privacy problems on all other app stores as well.
Among the sensitive information that the two applications obtain, according to researchers, is the identification of a provider

Communications, the network used, and the international identity of mobile phone subscribers, through which the user can be identified and tracked even if he changes the mobile device with the use of the same phone number, as well as information related to the user device, and the location of users.


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