Two dogs and a cat will live with Biden and his wife in the White House

United States-ALSHARQIYA   November 29: When he was running for president, US President-elect Joe Biden said it was time to bring a pet back to the White House.
And it was previously announced that the two dogs, his dogs, would be inside the White House after the animals had been absent for more than a decade from the presidential residence, according to the American newspaper "The New York Times".
 A cat is set to join the pet ranks at the White House, Jane Powley of CBS Sunday Morning said on Twitter last Friday.
In an interview with Fox 5 in Washington, Biden's wife said that if her husband won the presidency, she would not mind having a cat, and said: "I love having animals in the house."

Biden and his wife will repeat the tradition of pets in the Presidency when they move to the White House in January, as President Trump chose not to have a pet during his term, but Biden's cat will not be the first in the White House.
Andrew Hager, a historian at the Presidential Pet Museum, said that Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of State William Seward presented him with two cats, "Tappy" and "Dixie", and Lincoln was a fan of cats and often fed "Tappy" from the dinner table despite his wife's criticism of this. Act.
There are other cats who were in the White House with the families of former US presidents, and perhaps the most famous cat was the black and white "Sox" in the days of President Clinton, and the last cat living in the White House was named "India" and bore the title "Willy" during the term of President George W. Bush .

Hager said that protesters in the Indian state of Kerala burned an effigy of President Bush in July 2004 to protest against the name of the cat "India" as an insult to their country. India died in January 2009 before President Bush left the White House.


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