UNAMI: National unity is essential to combating terrorism

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, October 28: International reactions continued to condemn the terrorist attacks that targeted civilians in Diyala Governorate, killing and wounding more than 50 people...
The United Nations mission in Iraq stressed that national unity is essential to combating the threats of terrorism and violence that undermine the stability of the country
For his part, the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, warned of the negative repercussions of the political tensions taking place in the Iraqi arena on the stability of the security situation.
The Jordanian Foreign Ministry renewed the Kingdom's stand and its full solidarity with Iraq in the face of all that threatens its stability and security. Turkey also affirmed its solidarity with the families of the victims... As for the sheikhdom of Al-Azhar, it denounced these attacks and said that they shed the blood of innocent and safe people, a treacherous terrorism that contradicts the values ​​of religions and humanity.


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