Unfinished schools in Karbala turn into sheds

Karbala - ALSHARQIYA  April 16: The people of Karbala governorate criticized the local government’s reluctance to complete schools that have been in progress for 11 years and their transformation into animal pens
Karbala'iyoun said that nearly 30% of these schools were completed, and instead of being a place for students to provide them with knowledge, they turned into a hotbed for loose dogs and livestock, wondering about the fate of the money allocated to these schools ..


The relatives of the martyr Ihab Al-Wazni demanded via Al-Sharqiya News to reveal the killers of the martyr Al-Wazni within 24 hours

The Dutch diplomatic mission in Iraq condemned in the strongest terms the brutal killing of the activist Ihab Al-Wazni

The British ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Hickey, said that attacks targeting activists in Iraq are unacceptable