US court orders to stop selling "Devil's shoes"

United States-Eastern April 2: States ruling a federal judge in favor of "Nike", Thursday, to stop a company in Brooklyn from selling more "Devil shoes" it produced in cooperation with the American rapper, Lil Nas X
Federal Court Judge Eric Cometti issued an order to suspend the temporary sale three days after a lawsuit that Nike had filed against "MSCHF", and said that the black and red sports shoes, which feature the Nike "Swoosh" logo, constitute a violation of the global trademark According to Reuters, the shoe order sparked a major controversy in the United States recently, after Lil Nas X, in cooperation with MSCHF, obtained them from Nike and then modified its design and added real human blood to it.

The promoters of these shoes claim that their middle sole contains one drop of blood, and it is sold for $ 1080, referring to the biblical verse "Luke 10:80", which refers to the fall of Satan from the sky, and its number is written on the shoe as well.
Only 666 pairs of modified shoes were made, a symbol that some use to refer to the Devil.
MSCHF objected, saying it "strongly believes in freedom of expression".
"We look forward to working with Nike and the court to find a solution to this case as quickly as possible," she said in a statement.
Nike and its legal representative did not immediately respond to Reuters' requests for comment.

MSCHF's lawyers defended that the Devil's shoes are not typical sneakers, and said that they constitute artworks that have been individually numbered, after the same company had launched in 2019 the "Christ Shoe" based on the same model from Nike.
The lawyers tried to avoid stopping the sale of shoes that the court imposed on their client company, saying that its buyer knew that Nike was not involved in the idea of ​​this shoe.


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