Violet rallies: there is no free homeland except free women.

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA February 14: The purple marches of the Iraqi silks were marked by slogans that affirm that they went out in love with the homeland for which martyrs fell, just as the demonstrators carried. The daughters of Tishreen and Thawnah, and “Valentine’s love of Iraq is the most sincere and the most beautiful.” She also shouted to liberate the country from the corrupt parties and the person in charge of forming the government refused. Endodontic legitimate fulfillment of the demands of the blood of the martyrs


On Sunday, the Iraqi Ministry of Health recorded 41 new cases of coronavirus

The Baghdad Operations Command denied canceling the exceptions set by the Diwaniyah Command 55 during the curfew in the capital

In Baghdad, sterilization and disinfectants reported for the third week a shortage in the markets, after the high demand for disinfection