Woman giving birth on a plane flying over the Pacific Ocean

United States-ALSHARQIYA   May  7 : An American woman gave birth to her baby on a plane flying over the Pacific Ocean, during her flight from Utah to the Hawaiian Islands, where she claimed that she was not aware that she was pregnant.
One of the passengers on the plane, Julia Hansen, posted a video clip, documenting the moment the mother gave birth to the baby on board, and the cabin crew captain commented, “As most of you have probably heard, we just had a baby on board, let's have a nice round of applause for the mother. ".
Dale Glen, the medical doctor who helped with the birth, said on her Facebook page that she had been called in to help that woman, named Lavinia Munga, during the birth of her baby at only 29 weeks.

"It is amazing that there was not a single nurse; rather, three nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit on board the plane from Kansas City, who rushed to help the mother, who was born on the plane at an altitude of 40 thousand feet over the Pacific Ocean," Dale said.
Dell explained that throughout history, only 60 births were recorded on board aircraft only, noting that the child was lucky to have an experienced doctor and an assistant doctor alongside the nurses, who stayed by his side for 3 hours until the plane landed.
Cindy Monga, the mother's sister, published photos and a video clip of the baby accompanied by his mother in a hospital in Hawaii, where she will stay for a few weeks before returning to Utah.

Cindy, accompanied by her sisters, launched a fundraising campaign to support Lavinia and her child, and to meet the financial costs of the hospital, which they are expected to stay until the end of this May or next June.


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