World leaders welcome the transfer of power in the United States

United States-ALSHARQIYA   January 20: World leaders welcomed the transfer of power in the United States as Democrat Joe Biden took the oath as President of the United States
Senior leaders of the European Union expressed their relief at the arrival of a friend of Europe to the White House, as the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that Europe "once again has a friend in the White House after four long years."
In turn, French President Emmanuel Macron addressed Biden by saying, "Welcome back" to the Paris climate agreement, with the new US president announcing his intention to return to the agreement from which his predecessor Donald Trump withdrew.

In addition, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he looked forward to "working closely" with Biden. "In the common battle against COVID-19, on climate change, defense and security, and in promoting and defending democracy, our goals are one and the same, and our countries will work hand in hand to achieve them," he said.


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