Young woman Farah tells a story that she defeated Coved 19

Najaf-ALSHARQIYA  April 2 : An Iraqi woman who was infected with Corona virus during her stay in Iran recounted how she dealt with the virus and the stages of treatment she entered and she said, "Farah Al-Awadi" who returned from Tehran to Najaf after 11 days spent in quarantine, that she created a spiritual atmosphere to get used to On the situation she was in, and the nurses there were surprised that she was not disturbed and practicing her life normally, and that she worked hard so as not to make the virus able to do so.


The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, and the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Faik Zeidan, discussed the role of the judiciary and its independence in implementing the law

The head of the Integrity Commission in Iraq, Judge Alaa Al-Saadi, confirmed that the commission is determined to deter transgressors of public funds

The leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Ala Talabani, confirmed that her party supports multiple electoral districts