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ALBURJ ALAYLI explores the world of astrology.

A panel of Iraqi women follow and discuss different interests from health, social issues, beauty and fashion.

This weekly program joins the Iraqi family with this family friendly show every Friday afternoon.

Presented by Haifa Hassouni from her home in Erbil, this classic problem solving game show offers its players chances to win a variety of cash prize...

AHL ALMADINA is a daily program that follows the lives and many issues that citizens face.

The first project from ALSHARQIYA to work with those in need of housing, those whos situation is destitute. It will bring you daily reports as work an...

A talk show that attracts opinions and ideas.

This sitcom provides some comic relief to a difficult and painful situation, and pokes fun at a new “normal” life.

This important social program has wide reach, and stays up to date with the climate on the streets of Iraq and takes a greater look at the issues man...

Through this show we honor all those who are working tirelessly to fight back during this Coronavirus pandemic and we shine a light on all those heroe...

To honor all women, The mothers, daughters, workers and innovators in their fields.

A morning program that is presented from inside Iraq meets with many artistic, scientific, and cultural figures.

A program that follows all the latest cinematic and television releases.

A weekly program that offers a tour around Europe and meets with Iraqi and Arab expatriates.

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